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Plant Soul Vegan

Plant Soul Vegan

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Plant Soul Vegan, a leading vegan food brand in Buffalo, needed a revamp of their website. Read to see how our redesign resulted in a fully responsive, visually stunning, and easy-to-use website that helped increase their online presence and drive more traffic to their site.

We created a natural, earthy, engaging and functional website for Plant Soul Vegan that met their brand messaging of wholeness, sustainability, and warmth.

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The Challenge

The vegan food brand was facing a significant challenge with their existing website. The site design did not reflect their brand values or messaging. They recognized that their website was not attracting and engaging customers as effectively as it should be. They needed a partner who could help them revamp their online presence to draw in their target audience of people looking to start living a vegan lifestyle.

Our Solution

1. Design and Branding

One of the main solutions our team provided Plant Soul Vegan (PSV) with was new branding and a color scheme that aligned with their brand identity and values. We used a soft natural color palette with earth tones, greens, browns, and beige to create a visually stunning and engaging website. This not only helped to improve the overall look and feel of the site but also enhanced the user experience and reflected the client's commitment to natural and sustainable living.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Another key objective was to improve the website's search engine optimization (SEO) and help Plant Soul Vegan rank for relevant keywords such as "vegan food Buffalo" and "Buffalo meal prep". Our team conducted extensive keyword research and optimized the website's content and structure to help it rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). As a result, the website is now easier to find and attracts more traffic, which has helped increase brand awareness and drive sales.

3. Ecommerce Set Up

A major element we helped the brand establish was their meal prep service ordering system. We wanted to keep everything native to the website, instead of having to rely on external platforms, and potentially losing customer traffic. To accomplish this, we used Webflow's ecommerce capabilities to create an easy way for customers to order vegan meals in Buffalo where PSV is located. Our set up allowed for easily updating the meal prep menu from week to week, checkout and payment processing, and email order confirmations.

Like all of our projects, this was concluded with a full walk-through session with the client, explaining how to update content, use each feature on the website, and answering any questions to ensure their full satisfaction.

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