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Buffalo Startup Week

Buffalo Startup Week

A modern and captivating website redesign for an entrepreneur conference in the city of Buffalo. Read to see how we increased their ticket sales by over 500% (for real) and helped make the event a success.

We created a bold, dynamic, and content rich website for Buffalo Startup Week increasing ticket orders, website engagement, and sponsorships.

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Hear from the Director of BSW

The Challenge

Buffalo Startup Week aimed to be an exciting in-person event bringing together startups, entrepreneurs and the community at large. Potential attendees would be going through the website and getting a feel of what the event was going to be like, but their old website design did not present the event the way they wanted to be perceived. Previously, the website was produced during the pandemic when the event was virtual, and the website's design didn't accurately represent the shift to an in-person event people would be excited to attend. They needed a captivating aesthetic that would cause visitors to feel inspired to sign up and attend. Additionally, the way the website was originally structured, made it confusing for visitors to find key information such as the event schedule. We needed to simplify the site and make it easy to find desired information.

Our Solution

We crafted a multi-step solution to improve the website. This began with improving the layout of the home page. We opted for a bold layout that stood out to visitors. This primarily included a large, bold, & capital type face, and images that took up more space. We also added a layered gradient over the images to match the color palette of the event. By making the site content rich with images visitors could begin to get a visual feel for what the event was going to be like.

In addition to the aesthetic appearance of the website, we wanted to focus on its function and actually converting visitors to getting tickets. We added more clear call to actions for people to get tickets, along with animated real time countdown timers to add a sense of urgency to visitors. We optimized the layout of the website through simplification. The Buffalo Startup Week team was originally using Emamo, a mobile ticketing platform which allowed for website embeds of elements like speakers, event schedule, and custom scheduling.

Sponsors for this event included Douglas Development, Seneca One, Launch NY, and Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation. They generously contributed to allow this event to happen, so we wanted to display these sponsors clearly and boldly on the home page with a rotating image slider. Similarly, we added the schedule of events and speakers to the home page for visitors to quickly find talks and sessions that interested them.

The addition of this element served the additional purpose of promoting the website because sponsors and speakers would now be more likely to share the website they are featured on to their network, and further increase event sign ups.

Prior to our redesign, event sign-ups totaled around 200 people. After our redesign, Buffalo Startup Week was able to use the new website to drive over 1000 people to get tickets for the event, the metric they were looking to achieve for a successful event.

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Working with Jonathan was a joy. Marketing is not my strong suit, and he was able to come in and hear what I was saying and come up with a website design that suited our organization's needs and drove the traffic to get our registration numbers up for this event.
Kat Carter
Executive Director Buffalo Startup Week

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