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Conscious Culture Consulting

Conscious Culture Consulting

This consulting firm does great work but needed a quality website that attracted their ideal clients. See how we turned their generic website into something unique that they're proud of.

Their website underwent a huge digital transformation to become a marketing asset that spoke to their ideal customers.

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The Challenge

Conscious Culture Consulting's previous website did not accurately represent the vision they wanted to move towards, and the clients they were trying to attract. This company takes a uniquely vibrant, compassionate, and bold approach to their consulting practice and focuses on improving culture within companies. They are looking to attract clients that resonate with this approach, and they realized their website is the first touch point where potential clients can see who they are and if they would be a good fit for to work with. Additionally, the previous website had large sections of text throughout, that while informative, were quite dense and hard to read through. In addition to copywriting services to simplify their message and cut through the noise, they wanted a design that would break up the text, especially on the about page.

Our Solution

While their old website presented information about the company and their services, with the new direction Conscious Culture Consulting was planning to take their business, we realized their new site needed to tell a story. Through a journey of analysis, strategic discussion, and optimization, we were able to help the firm breathe new life into their website and turn it into an asset that promotes who they are, their values, and their fresh consulting approach to their ideal clients.

Following along the lines of Conscious Culture Consulting's philosophy, we wanted to make the overall design of the website dynamic and bold. They didn't have an existing color palette, so we chose to use colors that would positively excite visitors and make them feel that this was a modern, fun, and sophisticated consulting firm that would be enjoyable to work with. We find that businesses often overlook the importance of colors in their website, but the colors chosen can make all the difference in how potential customers perceive your business.

Like everything we do, the website images were carefully curated to present the look our client was going for. In deciding which images to use that would best achieve the goals our client had, we evaluated a study by Yiyi Li and Ying Xie of University of Texas titled "Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words? An Empirical Study of Image Content and Social Media Engagement". The study investigated the impact of images in digital media and found that colorful images with human faces showing emotions performed the best in increasing user engagement. (Article Link). With this in mind, we chose images in office settings that fit these criteria.

Another major area we focused on was creating dynamic ways to tell their story without their about page just being a block of text. We used graphics, images, and created unique structures to make learning what they do exciting and engaging for visitors. Previously, the about section was a dense block of text that was hard to read through. We worked with a professional copywriter to narrow down the most important content and phrase it in ways that would resonate with website visitors.

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JAG Media brought my vision to life. Upon consultation, within days, they presented me with design options for my site. They were timely with communication and patient when I had questions. My site is phenomenal. I am grateful to have met Jonathan and highly recommend JAG Media. I look forward to future opportunities to work together.
Erika Storrs
Founder Conscious Culture Consulting

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