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Fade In Full Barbershop

Fade In Full Barbershop

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Fade in Full is an excellent barbershop in Buffalo, but they needed help in crafting an online presence that matched their superb reputation.

We created a bold, modern, and dynamic website for one of Buffalo's best barbershops.

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The Challenge

Fade in Full, a popular barbershop in Buffalo, NY, was facing a challenge with their online presence. The barbershop had been increasing their social media presence with engaging content and gathering hundreds of 5-star Google reviews, but they needed a good website to tie it all together. Creating a sleek and user-friendly site would allow them to maximize their marketing efforts and grow their customer base.

Our Solution

This project had three main elements we focused on. Getting high quality photos, upgrading the design of the website, and making it SEO friendly to boost performance.

Store Photography

We needed high quality images to work with to have a good base of content to put on their site. We worked with a local photographer to make it happen and captured some stunning images. We focused on getting close up shots of the barbers in action to show their level of detail and precision, as well as wide frame shots to capture the whole barbershop. We also shot headshots for each of the barbers for visitors to begin to gain familiarity with the barbers before they even arrive at the shop.

Website Overhaul

Fade in Full's existing site was built on Wix, and the first thing we did was migrate to WordPress to allow for greater flexibility and customization to build the website.

To fit with their store's brand and overall vibe, we created a website that had a bold modern layout that could best display the photos we took and match the bold ambience of the store and the people working there.

Fade in Full Services Buffalo Barbershop

We also used stronger call to action buttons throughout the site prompting visitors to book an appointment on their Squire booking page. Adding a "Hall of Fade" gallery helped to showing off the client’s work, and pages talking about the shop and explaining the process also created a sense of trust immediately.

We also wanted to capitalize on the hundreds of reviews that they have, so an essential feature was embedding their Google reviews directly into the website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for improving visibility and making sure that a website gets the traffic it needs. Especially for local service businesses like barbershops, landscapers, and restaurants. This is specifically because people are searching for terms like "buffalo barbershop near me" We made sure that their website implemented commonly searched terms and used the right keywords to get them noticed. To do this, we conducted SEO research using keyword tools related to their industry and location and embedded them into their site.

Client Success

The transformation of Fade In Full's website has been instrumental in propelling their business to new heights online. The revamped website, designed with a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, has enhanced their online presence and increased customer engagement. By implementing effective SEO strategies, Fade In Full now enjoys higher organic search rankings, resulting in a wider customer reach and a boost in revenue.

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