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People's Choice Communications

People's Choice Communications

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Transforming the Digital Experience: Redesigning People's Choice Internet Service Website

A bright scroll-stopping redesign for NYC's community owned internet service company.

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The Challenge

People's Choice Communications is an emerging internet provider in New York City. They sought to increase their contract acquisition by improving their website, which was not effectively showcasing their capabilities and services. The website lacked clear communication, making it difficult for potential clients to understand the full range of offerings. Additionally, the website's navigation and layout presented challenges, hindering user experience and potentially leading to missed business opportunities.

Our Solution

Modular Theme:

We implemented a beautiful and pristine modular theme that offered a clean and intuitive user interface, allowing for easy navigation across the site and highlighting the key features and benefits of People's Choice Internet Service.

Image Sourcing and Photography Direction:

To capture authentic images that best represented the brand, we provided photography direction to the brand's photographers to capture the images we needed for the site. We aimed to get images of workers in action to show the brand's work ethic, community orientation, and attention to detail.

Streamlined Content Structure:

We restructured the website's content to provide clear and concise information about the services, community ownership, and the impact of bridging the digital divide, ensuring visitors could easily understand the core values and offerings of People's Choice.

Interactive Call-to-Action Elements:

We strategically placed visually appealing call-to-action elements throughout the website, encouraging visitors to take action, connect their building to internet, sign petitions, and support their cause of preserving affordable internet access.

Final Words

We're extremely proud to be able to work with People's Choice Communications as they expand their brand and mission. The new website will help them better explain their business to customers, garner support from potential investors, and solidify their online presence as a key player among New York City's Internet service providers.

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