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Parallel Fragrances

Parallel Fragrances

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Unleashing the Power of Scent: Redefining the Ecommerce Experience. Explore how we helped Parallel Fragrances create a visually captivating and seamless ecommerce platform

An immersive digital experience to match Parallel Fragrance's captivating scents.

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The Challenge

Parallel Fragrances, an up-and-coming online oil fragrance company, faced challenges while operating solely on Etsy. As their business began to gain momentum and attract a growing customer base, they realized the limitations of the Etsy platform in terms of customization, branding, and scalability. Seeking a solution to elevate their online presence and meet the demands of their expanding business, they approached our Buffalo based web design company to create a tailored ecommerce website that would reflect their unique brand identity and provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

Our Solution

Striking Visual Design

We crafted a visually stunning and sleek design for the website, utilizing captivating imagery, elegant typography, and a fresh color palette that reflected the essence of the brand and each fragrance, evoking emotions and enticing customers to explore the product offerings.

A pillar element of this was the hero section graphic that we designed for Parallel Fragrances.

Seamless Ecommerce Functionality

Using Shopify, we implemented a user-friendly and intuitive ecommerce platform, allowing customers to effortlessly browse, search, and purchase their desired fragrance oils, ensuring a smooth and seamless shopping experience.

Additionally, using Shopify makes it easy for Parallel Fragrance's staff to view inventory, update products, track profit and revenue, and create shipments for customer orders.

Find Your Fragrance Quiz

A major feature we implemented for the brand was an integrated quiz where visitors could answer questions that would help them find the ideal scent for them. In addition to being helpful to visitors, this is a strategic element that helps to collect email sign ups, and nurture customers on their journey through customized product recommendations.

Multi Device Optimization

We optimized the website for mobile devices, tablets, and desktop devices, ensuring that the fresh and alluring experience translated seamlessly across various screen sizes, allowing customers to browse and shop with ease from any device.

Final Words

In summary, the successful partnership between Parallel Fragrances and our web design company showcases our ability to create captivating and conversion-driven ecommerce solutions that not only exude visual appeal but also directly contribute to business growth.

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