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Kubed Root

Kubed Root

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Step into our website redesign for an innovative co-farming space company. We crafted an immersive digital experience that highlights the unique benefits of their innovative co-farming model, empowering individuals to connect, collaborate, and cultivate a greener future.

We designed a strong online presence for a co-farming space, helping visitors understand their innovative concept.

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The Challenge

Kubed Root is a one of kind business that provides indoor co-farming spaces to urban farmers and gardeners looking to grow year round. With this unique concept, they needed a website that effectively explained their business to visitors and could persuade online viewers to visit their physical space.

Our Solution

Physical Space Visit & Consultation

The Kubed Root team came to us early in the process of developing their second location. Our process started with a consultation to learn more about their business since it is unique. This involved visiting their space multiple times throughout the development process and really getting a feel for their business and the vision they had for their space.

Vertical Explainer Video

Video content is something that we heavily value for because of its effectiveness online. We edited a brand introduction video with quick engaging captions, and upbeat music. This video was vertical to optimize it for mobile devices, as we anticipated a large number of visitors visiting the site from social traffic sources.

Dynamic Website Sections

To keep the site modern and engaging for visitors, we used a modular layout with dynamic sections. This can be seen in the service sections and value propositions, along with micro animations throughout the site.

Client Success

With its transformative impact on Kubed Root's digital presence, the new website has successfully connected them with a broader customer base, and has begun to position them as pioneers in indoor community farming. The website will continue to play a pivotal role in driving Kubed Root's success and empowering them to make a lasting impact on the world of urban agriculture.

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