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All Eyes Property Inspection

All Eyes Property Inspection

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A modern website redesign for a Buffalo home inspection company. We made the website easy to navigate, created an appointment scheduling system, and made it easier to find on sites like Google with search engine optimization.

A pixel perfect website redesign for a local home inspection company.

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The Challenge

Buying a home is a very stressful process. One large stressor is making sure that the prospective home is in good condition and worth the considerable amount of money a potential buyer has to invest into it. All Eyes Home Inspection is a home inspection company in Buffalo NY that seeks to help, but their previous website design didn’t match their high-quality work. They needed a well-designed website that conveyed their expertise, services, pricing, and process. It was also important that we educated potential customers on the value of the home inspection process because many first-time home buyers aren't familiar with everything that goes into ensuring a home is structurally sound.

Our Solution

1) Research

We took a research first approach and delved into the home inspection industry in order to truly understand the space that our client occupied. At JAG Media, we make sure to understand our client's industry first before facing it head on.

To do this, we dove deep into the buying psychology of customers looking to get home inspections to know what they are looking for in this process.

We also took a look at some other home inspectors, not only in the Buffalo area, but across the country so we could see some elements in good sites and pinpoint some key factors our client was missing.

2) Revamped Design

Our client's website underwent a massive overhaul. This started with our team first creating low-fidelity frameworks to first map out the new website's layout.

Original Low-Fidelity Framework of Website

We fixed our client’s website navigation issues with a navigation bar that immediately pointed customers to the information they were seeking.

A major element we focused on in this project was the visuals. We wanted to ensure we had high quality images that specifically represented houses in Buffalo and Western New York to be relatable to our end customers. Homeowners are looking for someone that they feel will know and understand their home, and by showing houses they're familiar with, we were able to accomplish this.

We understand that when customers are looking for a service provider, they want to know exactly what they will be receiving and how much it will cost them. We used the Service and Pricing section to show detailed descriptions of each service as well as the pricing.

A unique feature we added was a heat map to show a few parts of a house to highlight what they're looking for during a home inspection. This feature makes the site more interactive to customers and builds trust when they experience it.

3) Home Inspection Videography

We leveraged the power of video to transform their website's impact even further. Through an engaging explainer video, we condensed their intricate inspection process into a visually captivating experience. This dynamic video not only enriched their site's appeal but also served as a powerful educational tool, empowering visitors to understand home inspections effortlessly. By harnessing the potential of video, we elevated their website into an interactive hub, delivering essential information and an immersive encounter that fosters trust and boosts user engagement.

3) Logo Redesign

To create this logo, we worked with an excellent Upstate New York graphic designer, Blue Collar Joe (website here). We wanted the logo to be clean, modern and minimal while still convey everything necessary to potential customers. The flashlight beam on the house shows how the company investigates the home and shines light on problem areas home buyers need to be aware of.

Redesigned Logo for All Eyes Property Inspection

4) Appointment Booking System

Previously, All Eyes Property Inspection was taking bookings primarily through phone calls. We realized that as their business was expanding, it would be difficult to manually schedule appointments at scale. We used Calendly to create and embed a scheduling system into their site allowing homeowners to self-service and eliminate the burden of managing endless phone calls and trying to schedule multiple appointments. Now, customers can easily find a date and time that works for them and enter relevant information about their house to brief the company ahead of the inspection. Additionally, we were able to implement native payment processing and email and text reminders leading up to their appointment to prevent no-show appointments.

Calendly Scheduling Embed into Website

5) SEO Work

As an extra step, we also optimized our client’s site to improve search engine visibility. We optimized the language and content of the website so that it was easier to find in search engines like Google, based on keywords that actual customers are actively searching for. This would drive more organic traffic to their site from people currently looking for home inspection services.

Final Thoughts & Reflections

This home inspection website web design project is just another example of the outstanding work we do at JAG Media and the amazing relationships we aim to build with clients. We pride ourselves on being detail oriented and precise so we can generate pixel perfect solutions for our clients that not only look pretty, but also work to achieve their business goals.

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