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100% HTX

100% HTX

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An elevated online experience for a luxury property, uniting the digital and the physical. By blending sleek design elements with seamless functionality, we created a virtual gateway that entices guests to indulge in an extraordinary vacation like no other.

We helped boost trust and generate 40% more bookings with a luxurious website designed for an upscale rental property Airbnb in Houston, Texas.

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The Challenge

100%HTX (Pronounced One Hundred Percent Houston), is a new property that was meticulously designed to be an upscale rental stay. Being such a premium residence, they realized they needed their online presence to match. We created an elevated end to end experience for their customers, uniting the digital and the physical.

Our Solution

Property Photography

Through our client, we were able to work with a local photographer and get crisp images that showed the property excellently. The photos captured the openness of the space, the professionally designed interiors, and created a luxurious vibe - all things we wanted to highlight on the website.

Having high quality images like these are essential for a captivating website because it sets the foundation for very visual industries, like real estate.

Luxury Web Design

For the design of this website, we wanted to make it very elevated and upscale for potential visitors. This idea was behind larger themes like immersive video, luxurious fonts, and having an open, airy, and modern design with ample white space.

This inspiration was carried through to more subtle elements like the floating navigation bar, and the animated page scroll icon.

The purpose of the website was to build trust with visitors and make drive them to book their stay. All of these elements help to make visitors feel like they're already in the space and familiarizes first time renters with the property.

Launch Marketing Materials

As with all of our projects, we helped create marketing materials that the client could use to advertise their new site and begin to drive traffic there. They received website mockup images on devices and a video to promote the new site in an upscale way.

Client Success

The new site has proven to be a high performing asset for the 100%HTX brand. With sites like Airbnb, potential guests are often hesitant to book a property they haven't previously visited. By providing potential guests with a high quality immersive experience and detailed information before they book their stay, they're able to see the credibility and reputation of the property and more easily convert into paying visitors.

If you're ever in Houston, stop by 100%HTX.

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We had invested in interior design to create an exceptional space for our guests, but JAG Media took our vision and elevated it online. What set them apart for us was the fact that they went beyond the surface level design, and researched what guests are looking for and seamlessly incorporated these insights into our website. It's translated into a remarkable increase in bookings, online shares, and an enhanced overall guest experience. We'll definitely be working with them on our other properties.
Andrew Barnes
100%HTX Owner

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